6.1.19 Dan and Chris Murray join Joe to talk about how important it is to have a Will in place

Dan and Chris Murray of the Daniel Murray Law Offices joins Joe to talk about how important it is to have a Will in place and what can happen if you don’t!

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RV Fire Prevention from the Cantiani Insurance Group

According to the NFPA, an estimated 20,000 RV fires happen every year. Before you hit the road, consider these fire prevention safety tips so you can have a worry-free trip with your family and friends

Safety Tips

  1. Make sure you carry fire extinguishers in your RV.

    It is a good idea to keep one in the kitchen and one outside in an unlocked compartment or tow vehicle. Learn how to properly use one, and train others who will be traveling with you.

  2. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

    There’s nothing worse than having a smoke detector that doesn’t work when you need it to the most! Be sure to test these safety systems at least once a month to ensure they are functioning properly.

  3. Inspect your electrical system regularly.

    Make sure you have solid connections and wires that are in good shape. If you find some that need some work, be sure to call a professional in to handle the job!

  4. Have an emergency plan.

    Always be prepared for the worst! Make sure you and your fellow travelers have an escape plan, and practice it before you leave.

  5. Have your RV brakes inspected.

    Experts say a dragging brake can potentially create enough friction to ignite a tire or brake fluid.

  6. Check all hoses for any leaks or signs of damage.

    Any leaking fluids in your RV’s engine compartment can ignite, so they need to be repaired immediately.

  7. Shut off your propane at the tank and turn off all propane-powered appliances while driving.

    Many people leave the refrigerator on while driving to keep their food cold, but this can be very dangerous if you happen to get into an accident. The fridge can stay cold for up to eight hours if you leave it closed. Don’t risk it – shut it off!

  8. Never leave cooking unattended.

    It is also a good idea to properly ventilate your RV when you are cooking with the stove.

  9. Pay attention to where you park your vehicle.

    When you park, try to avoid parking close to grass or shrubs. A hot exhaust pipe and dry grass is a recipe for disaster!

  10. Purchase RV Insurance.

    Make sure your RV has insurance, and make sure you know every detail about your policy! If you haven’t purchased any yet, ask your insurance agent as many questions as possible, and—in the end–get a policy that fits your needs. You will be more at ease knowing your RV is fully covered in the case of an accident or fire.

Car Theft Prevention Tips form the Cantiani Insurance Group

Car Theft Prevention Tips

Cars are stolen all the time and at any time. It’s important to make sure yours is less susceptible to theft. Here are some car theft prevention tips below from the Cantiani Insurance Group

Prevention Tips

Burglar Proofing Vacant Homes from Cantiani Insurance Group

Keeping your vacant home protected from burglars can be a tough task, but there are many ways you can make your home look unappealing to them

Perhaps you’re moving and haven’t sold your home yet; or maybe it’s undergoing a major renovation. Whatever the reason for having to leave your home, it’s important to remember to protect it while you’re gone. An empty home is vulnerable to theft and vandalism. To prevent these and other unfortunate mishaps from happening to your house, follow these 10 easy tips to protect and safeguard your vacant home.

Ten Tips


Follow These 10 Steps to a Magnificent Garden – From Cantiani Insurance Group

Gardening can be fun but also overwhelming if you’re a beginner. Check out these 10 steps for growing your first garden!

Magnificent Garden

Starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things one can do. Whether you’re planting fragrant florals or starting a vegetable garden, anyone can benefit from getting their hands a little dirty. But it can be difficult to know where to start. Our steps ease you into gardening and reward you for your efforts with beautiful visuals, delicious flavors, and colorful blooms.

5.25.19 Brian Carpenter of 1 Worcester Homes.. Putting your Dream Team together!

Brain Carpenter of 1 Worcester Homes, one of the Handling Change Experts joins Joe to talk about the Team you need when purchasing or selling your home.

It is so important that the professionals you are assembling are the correct people for this important, time sensitive transaction.

It is usually best if the various Pros have worked together before.

Brian offers a handy checklist of who you will need and he even offers some of the Pros he uses regularly

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5.11.19 Cantini Prsdient Lisa LaBossiere Joins Joe to talk about Paul Sr’s passing

President of Cantiani Insurance Group, Lisa LaBossiere joins Joe to talk about Paul Sr’s passing and to insure all that nothing will change at Cantaini Insurance.

It is business as usual and Paul Sr left us in good hands

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