What’s better than an outdoor summer party with friends and family? A summer party with friends and family—minus the bugs! It can be done and it doesn’t have to involve toxic methods.

Check out these bug-proofing tips:

First, make sure you remove things that attract bugs to your yard. Start with standing water where mosquitoes like to lay eggs. Look for buckets, empty planters, dishes, old tires, unused kiddie pools and turn them over or put them away.

If you have a bird bath, change the water often or add a small pump to circulate the water and discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs.

These tips will help you have a party that you and your guests can enjoy but bugs won’t.

Clean out those rain gutters so they don’t retain water and become a mosquito breeding ground.

Keep your grass mowed. Mosquitoes love to hang out in tall grass and weedy areas.

Add a bat house in your yard. One brown bat can eat as many as 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour.

Use a fan to create a breeze which mosquitoes dislike. Don’t use if it’s raining of course.

Move trash and recycling bins away from the house. Make sure lids are always secured. If using wastebaskets outside at your party, make sure they have lids.

Keep your food covered. Mesh food tents work well to keep flies off your picnic fare and they lift off easily when it’s time to eat.

To keep ants off your deck, slide some garlic cloves between the boards.

Put a chalk line around the area you don’t want the ants to cross. Cucumber slices and peels also repel ants, as do mint leaves.

These tips will help you have a party that you and your guests can enjoy but bugs won’t.

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