10.26.19 Brian Carpenter of 1 Worcester Homes on Investment Property

On this week’s Handling Change Brian Carpenter joins Joe in studio to talk about Investment Property.

Your Realtor is vital when it comes to finding the right property and location for you.

Where and how you leverage your money and finding a quality property with positive cash flow can be done.. but not easily.. or everyone would be doing it!

But Brian can help you navigate these difficult waters and get you to dry, secure and profitable land.

October 12th, 2019 – Financing Investment Property with Wes Oliver

Wes Oliver of Prestige Home Mortgage joins Joe in studio to talk about the various way you can finance an Investment Property… a Non-Owner Occupied piece of income property.

If the math is correct it can be a fantastic investment.. watch the math.. rely on the professionals to run the info and numbers.. make wise informed decisions.

10.12.19 What happens after an accident & how do you protect yourself from that fender bender costing you unexpected expense

Paul Cantiani Jr joins Joe in studio to talk about what happens after an accident.

What coverage you should have, how does the deductible work and when you need what coverage and why.

Not getting caught under covered and getting stuck with a huge bill you weren’t counting on is important and your Insurance Agent can make sure you are protected.

Contact your agent now and be sure you are protected and you can call Paul or any of the great people at Cantiani’s anytime

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Turn to Cantiani Insurance Agency in Worcester, Massachusetts, for home, auto, and business insurance, as well as other asset protection.

10.05.19 How does your Insurance play in purchasing a new home?

Wes Oliver and Paul Cantiani Jr join Joe in studio to talk about how Insurance plays a roll when purchasing and qualifying a new home.

It is important that your Insurance agent is aware of the property and coverage you’ll need to protect your money and interest.

And it’s important that the Mortgage Broker knows the premiums required to protect you, they play a role int he qualifying ratios

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