11.23.19 Flipping and Investing

On this week’s Handling Change.. Brian Carpenter of 1 Worcester Homes joins Joe to talk about Flipping.

Investing and Flipping house, especially in New England, can be a delicate balance of timing, location and money.

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November is Veterans Month… special offer for our Veterans

On this Veterans Day month.. Wes Oliver joins Joe with a special offer for our Veterans..

Prestige Home Mortgage has a dedicated Veterans Home Loan division… they are specialists in VA loans.

A VA loan is a type of government guaranteed mortgage. VA loans are mortgages and home loans insured by the federal government, specifically, the mortgage product is insured by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration). VA home loans are zero down mortgages that require no money down to purchase.

11.02.19 How does your Realtor and Insurance Agent work together?

Brian Carpenter of 1 Worcester Homes and Paul Cantiani Jr of Cantiani Insurance Group join together and talk to Joe about how the Real Estate and Insurance come together when purchasing a home or property.

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