April 25th, 2020 – Real Estate in today’s Covid 19 Market with Gary Gay of 1 Worcester Homes

On this week’s Handling Change, Gary Gay of 1 Worcester Homes joins Joe to talk about Real Estate in the Covid 19 era.

The market has not slowed down, property is still being sold and bought..and closing are still taking place.

Virtual tours and remote closings are now par for the course… but it is business as usual.

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April 18th, 2020 – Greta Bajmani of Golden Group Roofing joins the Handling Change Team


On today’s edition of @HandlingChange GRETA BAJRAMI joins Joe in studio. Today we introduce Greta, her team and Golden Roofing Group to the Handling Change family and to you, our listeners and followers.

Greta Bajrami is the co-founder, CEO and visionary of The Golden Group Difference and the passion that started the idea to seek change within the roofing industry.

Greta will join us on the third Saturday of every month and of course anytime on her site and the Cameo Media show site as well.

Today we welcome Greta Bajrami to the Handling Change family!

Listen in as Greta makes her debut on HC as our fist female Expert and as the Founder and CEO of Golden Group Roofing she brings a great deal of experience to the team. Greta is an expert contract negotiator and authority on construction.

Greta Bajrami’s purpose is to mentor and empower individuals from un-traditional roots, to help them find their voice, inner light, and understand the capacity of their untapped potential.

Greta Bajrami is the CEO and Founder of Golden Group
Construction Corporation located in Westborough, MA.
Greta’s story began in Tirana, Albania where is was born and raised.

276 Turnpike Road
Westborough MA 01581



April 11th, 2020 – Paul Stankus of Cantiani Insurance Group chats with Joe about the lack of auto accident claims during the Wuhan Virus Pandemic

With most of American Isolating ourselves and staying home.. that has reduced driving to the point we have an oil glut … and empty roads.

This of course means we are not driving and the Insurance companies have noticed this because they are not paying out in car accident claims .. this could be good news for your premium…

Paul Stankus, Vice President of Operations at Cantiani Insurance Company talk to Joe this week about how that can work for you.

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Cantiani Insurance Group
318 Plantation Street
Worcester, MA 01604

(508) 791-2088
Hours of operation
Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
East Douglas 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM